September 02, 2013

Cutting down

Three weeks ago, I returned from my trip to Japan. After cycling across the country of the rising sun for three months I came to one of the biggest realisations about myself:

I almost need nothing to survive, even less to enjoy life and be happy…

Consumerism got me tricked all these years, and it only took a little more than a month of living on the road to realise this. Like so many others before me I stared my journey with too much. A full 32 litre backpack and two carry-on bike bags filled with stuff.

Stuff I didn’t need…

Over the course of two months I gradually got rid of one unnecessary thing after another. And every time I gave something away I felt lighter, happier and more at peace with myself. This continued until I was only left with my half filled backpack and the feeling of true freedom.

I didn’t stop there. After returning back home I decided to start cutting down all the non-essential things in my life. And that’s what I’ve been doing for the past two weeks now. I sold most of my valuables online for a surprising profit, gave away almost 20kg of clothes that I never wore and disposed of everything else.

I now own less than 100 Things and for the first time ever, the things I own don’t dictate my life anymore.