Rodrigo Hänggi

March 20, 2018

On Designing and Writing Software

Episode #0 - Introduction

In this Series I want to offer you a look behind the curtains on how we go from initial idea (or client request) to finished software product at Codegestalt.

Episode #1 - Setting the Stage

In this first episode I’m going to talk about the concrete project that I’ll be working on in the episodes to come.

Episode #2 - Mapping out the Domain

In this episode we’re going to continue where we left off. I’ll talk about what I’ve found out doing some research and then proceed to create a mental map of all of the roles and jobs that are involved within the problem domain.

Episode #3 - UX Flow

In this episode I’m going to think through all of the roles and sketch a possible interaction out on paper.

Episode #4 - Presenting Design

In this episode I’m going to talk about presenting design. Talking about what thoughts went into which screen and what new insights I gained after presenting the design to the client.